Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions are subject to change.

Seasonal camping fees are available here.

Not all seasonal campsite types are available at all parks. If unsure of campsite types at the park you are applying to, please check with that location before submitting your application.


Successful applicants will be issued one annual transferable vehicle entry permit.  Seasonal campers may purchase additional annual transferable vehicle entry permits if required.

Application Completion

• One application only per immediate family/household is permitted for each park (immediate family is defined as a family consisting of a parent(s) and children 18 years of age and under).
• Applications will be prescreened and duplicate submissions to one park withdrawn.
• Applications not completed online must be sent directly to the park where you wish to seasonal camp.  Seasonal campsites and contact information for help in completing a paper application can be found on the Contact Information page. Check individual park pages for campground maps.
• Payment Information for 2017 - Do not submit credit card information with your application. Successful applicants will be notified by phone within two (2) business days to confirm your campsite and collect payment. Visa and MasterCard are accepted methods of payment; American Express is not.

Allocation of Campsites

Available seasonal campsites will be allocated to qualifying applicants by a public lottery draw on Monday, February 6, 2017 at 10:00 a.m. CST at all locations.  Priority for seasonal campsites will be given to Saskatchewan residents.  Successful applicants will be notified of draw results within two (2) business days to confirm campsite and collect payment. Any seasonal campsites unable to be confirmed and paid at this time will be released into nightly inventory.

General Terms and Conditions

Due to the nature of seasonal camping and the pressure that continual use places on our natural features and park infrastructure, conditions for seasonal campers are more stringent than conditions that apply to short-term campers within provincial parks.  The following conditions have been separated into two categories: those that apply to ALL campers (including seasonal) and those that apply to SEASONAL campers only.

ALL Campers

• Permit holders shall maintain the campsite and camping unit in a condition acceptable to the park supervisor or designate.
• A limit of six (6) people per campsite is allowed for non-immediate family groups.  “Immediate” is defined as a family consisting of a parent(s) and children 18 years of age and under or another adult acting in a guardianship role of said children in the absence of parent(s).
• Only one camping unit (tent, tent-trailer, camper, camper-truck/van, camping trailer or motorhome) permitted in each campsite.  Mobile homes and bunkhouse type trailers are not permitted. 
• All camping units and campsites must be maintained so as not to detract from the park setting.  Due to campsite size, length restrictions may apply.  All camping units and equipment must be contained within the campsite.
• One small tent for accommodating dependent children and one screened tent for meal purposes is permitted depending on the size of the campsite.  Additional small tents for dependent children may be allowed at the discretion of the Park Supervisor. 
•  Major appliances must be contained within the camping unit’s original construction.
• Maximum of two (2) vehicles and one (1) watercraft at each campsite at any time.  All vehicles must be parked on defined campsite parking pads, roadways and parking lots.  Visitors are to park their vehicles in designated visitor parking areas where available.
• All camping units and vehicles, other than tents, must be legally registered and display a current, valid license plate at all times when on park land.
•  Information on who is occupying a campsite will not be released to any public inquiries.
•  Liquid grey water or solid waste must be disposed of into a provided sewage system or receptacle. 
• Campfires in park supplied fire pits and barbeques only.  Propane or other non-wood burning portable barbeques are acceptable for cooking purposes.
• Removable ground level decks/landings to a maximum of 80 sq. ft. (7.43 m. sq.) will be permitted upon approval of the park supervisor or designate.
• Use of tarps for protection from the elements will be accommodated; tarps cannot create safety concerns within the campground.
• Lights are restricted to a maximum of 12 patio lights (one string) or one (1) section of rope lights per campsite.  All lights must be CSA approved.
• Intermittent generator use in campgrounds without electricity is permitted between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 pm. Generators cannot be left in use if the permit holder and/or immediate family are not present on the campsite.
• Pets must be leashed and attended to at all times.  Pet owners must ensure that pet litter is cleaned up.  Pets are not permitted in public structures, on beaches or in swimming areas.  Be considerate of your neighbours.
• Due to increased incidents of problem wildlife, bird feeders are no longer permitted in campgrounds.
• Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the permit holder’s camping unit, and on their assigned campsite, in accordance with The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997, as per Section 107 (1) per 139(1) except during the May long weekend when an alcohol ban is in effect.
• The permit holder, their family and guests shall comply at all times with all permit conditions and regulations.  The permit holder is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their family and guests.  Everyone must observe all campground regulations and conditions.  Rowdy behaviour or excessive noise is not permitted at any time.
• Failure to comply with the above conditions and Parks Act and Regulations may result in eviction.

Seasonal Campers Only

• Upon arrival at the park, applicants will be asked to produce a valid driver’s licence which will be used during the permitting process to cross reference information provided on the application.  This will ensure the correct person is checking into the seasonal campsite.  Also, during this process, seasonal campers will receive their annual transferable entry permit.
• The seasonal camping program is available from the May long weekend until September 30th at most locations. All services and amenities will be available from the May long weekend to the September long weekend. However, between the September long weekend and September 30, there may be reduced services or you may be required to move campsites. In some cases, you may be required to vacate the park due to a shortened operating season or capital project commencement. No refunds are available.
• As operating dates vary from park to park, seasonal camping dates may be impacted at some locations. In a campground that closes prior to September 30 and where seasonal campsites are situated, the seasonal

Prior to Park Opening
(up to the Wednesday before the May long weekend)

After Park Opening
(Thursday of May long weekend until June 24)

- $15.00 cancellation fee will apply.

- full refund of camping fees will be issued, less the
non-refundable $12.00 reservation fee.

- whether or not camping unit is on site

- customer will be charged the campsite’s per night rate X the number of nights occupied and a $15.00 cancellation fee. The $12.00 reservation fee (paid at
the time of booking) is non-refundable.

- this amount will be subtracted from camping fees already collected

- if available, the refund will be applied to the credit card used in original transaction; if not available a cheque refund will be mailed

- if issued, annual transferable vehicle entry permit to be returned;  if not returned, the entry permit price will be deducted from the eligible refund amount.

• Permit holders shall not rent, sell, sublet, assign or otherwise transfer the assigned campsite.
• Seasonal campsites are valid only for the park they are purchased in.
• The park administration office must be notified if the camping unit is removed from the seasonal campsite for any time period.  The park reserves the right to assign the campsite to another camper for the vacated period.  Notice of 24 hours is required when returning to a seasonal campsite.
• All camping units must be movable upon 24 hours notice.  At the end of the season, the camping unit must be removed from the campsite.  Winter trailer storage is available at some locations.
• When vacating the campsite at the end of the season, the permittee must remove all personal property and restore the campsite to its original condition.  If the campsite is not restored to its original condition, the ministry reserves the right to restore the campsite and charge the associated costs of restoration to the camper.
• Failure to comply with the above conditions and Parks Act and Regulations may result in eviction and/or loss of the campsite for the season or following season.