Rules and Regulations

Rules and Regulations

Camping in a Saskatchewan Provincial Park

Campground Rules in accordance with The Parks Regulations, 1991

Campsite Information

• Permit holders shall maintain the campsite and camping unit in a condition acceptable to the park supervisor or designate.

• Check-out: 12 noon; Check-in: 2 pm. Campsites must be empty of all personal property, including the camping unit, between check-out and check-in to allow staff time to ensure the site is ready for the next visitor.

• A limit of six (6) people per campsite is allowed for non-immediate family groups. “Immediate” is defined as a family consisting of a parent(s) and children 18 years of age and under or another adult acting in a guardianship role of said children in the absence of parent(s).

• Only one camping unit (tent, tent-trailer, camper, camper-truck/van, camping trailer or motorhome) permitted in each campsite. Mobile homes and bunkhouse type trailers are not permitted.

• All camping units and campsites must be maintained so as not to detract from the park setting. Due to campsite size, length restrictions may apply. All camping units and equipment must be contained within the campsite.

• One small tent for accommodating dependent children and one screened tent for meal purposes is permitted depending on the size of the campsite. Additional small tents for dependent children may be allowed at the discretion of the Park Supervisor.

• Major appliances must be contained within the camping unit’s original construction.

• Maximum of two (2) vehicles and one (1) watercraft at each campsite at any time. All vehicles must be parked on defined campsite parking pads, roadways and parking lots. Visitors are to park their vehicles in designated visitor parking areas where available.

• All camping units and vehicles, other than tents, must be legally registered and display a current, valid license plate at all times when on park land.  All vehicles must display a valid park entry permit.

• Liquid grey water or solid waste must be disposed of into a provided sewage system or receptacle.   Wildlife is present in the park; keep campsite clean and all food, garbage and attractants securely stored.

• Due to increased incidents of problem wildlife, bird feeders are no longer permitted in campgrounds.

• Campfires in park supplied fire pits and barbeques only. Propane or other non-wood burning portable barbeques are acceptable for cooking purposes.  It is an offence to remove firewood from the park.

• Removable ground level decks/landings to a maximum of 80 sq. ft. (7.43 m. sq.) will be permitted upon approval of the park supervisor or designate.

• Tarps may not exceed 400 sq. ft. (37.16 m. sq.). Tarps cannot create safety concerns within the campground.

• Lights are restricted to a maximum of 12 patio lights (one string) or one (1) section of rope lights per campsite. All lights must be CSA approved.

• Alcoholic beverages may be consumed in the permit holder’s camping unit, and on their assigned campsite, in accordance with The Alcohol and Gaming Regulations Act, 1997, as per Section 107 (1) per 139(1) except during the May long weekend when an alcohol ban is in effect.

• The permit holder, their family and guests shall comply at all times with all permit conditions and regulations. The permit holder is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of their family and guests. Everyone must observe all campground regulations and conditions. Rowdy behaviour or excessive noise is not permitted at any time.

• Failure to comply with the above conditions and Parks Act and Regulations may result in eviction.

 Park Watch 1-800-667-1788

Accessible and Barrier Free Facilities

Accessible or barrier free campsites are for campers with accessibility needs and are available at most parks.  These campsites are available for reservations.  An accessible parking permit is required to determine eligibility for these campsites and will be required during the campsite check-in process at the park.  Please call ahead to the park you plan to visit for information on accessible or barrier free facilities at that location.


Firewood is provided at no cost.  Campfires are only allowed in government provided fire pits/barbecues.  Please keep fires small.  Small campfires conserve firewood and reduce the risk of forest and/or grass fires. Propane or other non-wood burning portable barbeques are acceptable for cooking purposes. It is an offence to remove firewood from the park.

Alcohol Ban

Saskatchewan provincial parks will enforce a ban on all alcohol in park and recreation site campgrounds for the May long weekend.  Individuals are still free to consume alcohol in private cottages and licensed establishments in the parks.

Pet Owners - Don’t Let Your Pet Become a Pest!

Pets are welcome in our provincial parks.  Please be considerate of other park visitors by following these rules:

• Owners are responsible for the care, control and behavior of their pets at all times.

• Promptly clean up after your pets.

• Keep pets on a leash (not exceeding 2 meters in length) at all times. 

• Keep pets quiet and ensure they do not become a nuisance, danger or threat to the comfort or safety of any other person or wildlife.

• Ensure that pets do not damage or destroy any property in the park.

• Pets are not allowed in public structures, on beaches or in swimming areas.

Pet regulations reduce the risk of nuisance or dangerous occurrences and help provide a safe and comfortable environment for all users.  Failure to comply with any of these regulations could result in fines and possible removal/eviction of the pet from park lands.  For more information, please call the office of the park you plan to visit.

Non-registered Campsite Guests

Guests to campsites must possess and display a valid park entry permit.  Visiting hours are between 9:00 a.m. and 11:00 p.m. 

Release of Campsite Information

Under The Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act, Saskatchewan provincial parks must not share your campsite information with anyone without your permission.  This is for your safety and privacy.  Saskatchewan provincial parks will use either of the following options to ensure your privacy:

Option 1

• Parks may provide a message centre/bulletin board for you to post your campsite information.

Option 2

• At time of registration, you will be asked if your campsite information may be released by park staff (a signature is required, as verbal approval is not adequate and your signature will be obtained in such a way that other camper signatures cannot be viewed).
• Your permission will be asked and a signature required at all return visits.


All visitors must possess and display valid park entry.  Refunds are not granted for entry permits.  Lost or stolen entry permits will not be refunded or replaced.  

• Saskatchewan residents 65 years of age or older or turning 65 years of age anytime during the current year will receive free provincial park entry.  All vehicles entering the park are still required to obtain a senior park entry vehicle permit free of charge.  These permits are only available upon entry at a park.  Identification is required.  To verify residency, please provide your valid Saskatchewan health card, valid driver’s license and vehicle registration. 


Intermittent generator use in campgrounds without electricity is permitted between the hours of 9:00 am and 11:00 pm.  Generators cannot be left in use if the permit holder and/or immediate family are not present on the campsite.

Respect Your Surroundings

It is unlawful to damage or remove any sign, facility, turf, rock or the whole or part of any flower, plant, shrub or tree.  It is unlawful to discharge, discard, or dispose of any liquid or solid waste other than into a provided sewage system or receptacle.  Wildlife is present in the park.  Maintain and leave a clean campsite.

Reserve-a-Site Change and Cancellations

You can cancel or change your reservation at any time prior to your scheduled arrival online  or through the call centre at 1-855-737-7275 (from outside North America, call 1-519-826-6784).

A cancellation fee will be charged for cancellations to nightly camping reservations 48 hours after original booking is made.  The cancellation fee is in addition to the $12 non-refundable reservation fee.  A complete list of park fees can be found here.

The amount of your refund for nightly camping, if any, will be determined by the following:


The fees below apply only to reservations (prior to check-in). If making, changing or cancelling your reservation through the call centre, add $2 to each fee. A reservation fee of $12 is charged to all nightly camping reservations. This fee is in addition to the nightly rate and is non-refundable.

More than 48 hours prior to
arrival date at 2:00 p.m.

(ex: making a change or
cancellation prior to 2:00 p.m.
Wednesday for a scheduled 
Friday check-in)

Less than 48 hours prior to 
arrival date at 2:00 p.m. 

(ex: making a change or
cancellations after 2:00 p.m.
Wednesday for a scheduled
Friday check-in)

On arrival date, 
after 2:00 p.m.
After 2:00 p.m. on 
second day of reservation
Reserve $12.00 $12.00 $12.00 $12.00

(to arrival date)

$15.00 One night of camping One night of camping
(to departure date, site type or booking holder)
and camping fees adjusted
(if applicable)
and camping fees adjusted
(if applicable)
and camping fees adjusted
(if applicable)
Cancel $15.00 One night of camping One night of camping Two nights of camping

Swimming Lessons

Swimming lesson reservations for the upcoming season coincide with the nightly launch of campsites for Buffalo Pound, Cypress Hills and Pike Lake provincial parks.

Helpful Hint:  To reserve swimming lessons using the full version of the reservation website, change the ‘Reservation Type’ from ‘Campsite’ to ‘Swimming Lesson’ in the drop town tab, and select Buffalo Pound, Cypress Hills or Pike Lake Provincial Park.

A parent or guardian is required to sign a waiver form for each child taking swimming lessons.  The signed waiver form must be completed and presented upon arrival on the first day of the lesson. A complete listing of fees related to swimming lessons can be found here.

You may cancel your reservation using the Internet or by calling Saskatchewan Provincial Parks Call Centre at 1-855-737-7275 (from outside North America, call 1-519-826-6784). There is a surcharge fee of $2.00 for using the call centre.

You will be required to contact the park for cancellations and changes made less than 2 days prior to the Monday of the weekly swimming lesson.

The amount of your refund, if any, will be determined as follows:

• If your reservation is cancelled more than 48 hours prior to midnight of the first day of the swimming lesson, you will receive a full refund of your swimming lesson fees;
• If your reservation is cancelled less than 48 hours prior to midnight of the first day of the swimming lesson, swimming lesson fees are forfeited; or
• If the reservation is not cancelled, your class space and refunds will be forfeited if notification is not received indicating your arrival for the second day of classes.