Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

Consultations leading to creation of the park sought input on the park’s boundaries.

Interest was expressed in expanding the park, from the boundaries originally proposed, by extending the boundary to the east and also to the north.  However, additional time is beneficial to ensure the interests and implications of an expanded boundary location be fully considered.  As a result, Great Blue Heron Provincial Park has been designated with the originally-proposed boundaries. 

Further consideration will be given to park boundary expansion in the future.  Work with the Ministry of Environment and with the Forest Management Agreement holder will ensure that progressive forest management practices in the area maintain the ecological and recreational values in the interim.

Fairy Island, which is situated within Emma Lake, has been removed from the park description.  Fairy Island is designated as a Wildlife Refuge and is protected adequately by that designation.

 Great Blue Heron Provincial Park

 Great Blue Heron Topography

Park Management and Development Planning

Interested First Nation and Métis communities and stakeholders will have an opportunity to participate in a management and development plan for the new park.  Details of the park’s future operation and management will be considered through this planning process. 

Engagement respecting the park management and development planning can be expected following the park coming into force in the summer of 2013.

First Nations and Métis

First Nations and Métis will continue to have access to the new park area for exercising Treaty and Aboriginal rights and traditional uses in a manner consistent with public safety.