In-Park Services

The natural and northern setting of Lac La Ronge Provincial Park does limit the services available to consumers.  However adjacent communities to the park such as La Ronge and Air Ronge do offer food, grocery, supplies, gas and other services.  The City of Prince Albert, located 240 km south of the park, offers all amenities and services.

Nearby Attractions at Lac Ronge

Holy Trinity Anglican Church:  This provincial historic site is home to Saskatchewan’s oldest building.  The original hinges, locks and stained glass all imported from England are still intact.  Located on the opposite shoreline of the Churchill River from the community of Stanley Mission arrangements must be made for viewing.  The local people are willing to provide boat services.  Phone: (306) 425 4234.

Nistowiak Falls:  The falls mark the point where the waters of Lac La Ronge enter the Churchill River system.  With a total drop of 80 feet the falls are one of the largest in Saskatchewan.  Access is by boat or float plane, then a short hike to the top of the falls.  A number of documented canoe routes pass by the falls as well.  Book a one half day excursion (local outfitter) and see the falls and other points of interest and attractions.  Nistowiak Falls in the winter also offers a spectacular scene.  Join the local snowmobile club on a round trip from La Ronge to the falls stopping at other scenic locations.  Phone: (306) 425 4234.

Eagle Point Resort:  This four-season, full-service resort offers luxury and the beauty of Lac La Ronge all in one.  Located along the shores of Lac La Ronge, just north of La Ronge, they offer a 9-hole golf course, houseboat rentals, a restaurant, and deluxe cabin rentals.

Otter Lake:  a popular and scenic lake on the Churchill River system.  Is a starting and ending point for many documented canoe trips.  Enjoy many hours exploring the portages that follow a number of rapids cutting through the rugged and rocky Canadian Shield.  The community of Missinipe offers all the amenities to make your visit comfortable.  Reserve a campsite at one of the provincial campgrounds.  Marks the point where Highway 102 crosses the Churchill River.  Phone: (306) 425 4234.