Boreal Trail

Resting along the Boreal Trail

The Boreal Trail in Meadow Lake Provincial Park is the only destination backpacking trail in the Saskatchewan Provincial Park system, spanning an epic 120 km in an east-west traverse of the park. 

Some of mother natures’ best work is on display in Meadow Lake Provincial Park.   Lush boreal forest, laced with sparkling clean lakes and the winding Waterhen River makes this natural environment park a vacation dream.   The park covers an area of almost 1600 square kilometers, and is roughly 113 km in length and up to 32 km wide.

The Boreal Trail system is adaptable to all types of adventure.  It offers multi-day trips, backcountry camping, and a variety of start and end points.   Depending on your skill and fitness level, you may choose to hike the trail in brief stages or all at once from end-to-end. It can be a multi-day backcountry adventure or a leisurely stroll.

The Trail will take you through a system of marked trails that link eight of our existing front country campgrounds, but also provide backcountry camping opportunities.  This trail system will take you through a variety of ecosystems within the boreal forest and into some places of Meadow Lake Provincial Park that most people do not see.

You will walk beneath tall stands of jack pine and spruce mixed with poplar and birch; and through wildflower-strewn forests alive with the song of birds.  Wildlife can be found throughout the trail, including beaver, moose, wolf, black bear and red squirrel. 

The trail is rewarding and challenging, so go prepared with a keen eye and a camera or sketch book, as well as sturdy footwear and all the supplies you will need for a day hike or an extended backpack.

If you are not inclined to carry a heavy load, the Boreal Trail also connects to several of Meadow Lake Provincial Park’s front-country campgrounds.  These stops provide the opportunity to buy supplies and enjoy a hot shower.

If you plan to overnight on the trail, please register at one of the administration offices at least two weeks prior to your trip to ensure you receive the most up-to-date information.  There is an $11 per-tent, per night camping fee for back country campsites, which can be paid at the point of registration.  GPS tracks of the trail are also available for downloading.