Spraying for Forest Tent Caterpillars

Spraying for Forest Tent Caterpillars

Notice of Intent to Aerial Spray for Forest Tent Caterpillar

Built-up and campground areas of Crooked Lake Provincial Park will be sprayed with Foray 48B to control forest tent caterpillars in May 2017.

Foray 48B is a biological insecticide which contains the naturally occurring bacterium Bacillus thuringiensis var. kurstaki (Btk), found in soils throughout the world. 


The objective of this spray program is to protect the host tree and shrub species (trembling aspen, green ash, cherry, hazel and serviceberry) from defoliation, and reduce forest tent caterpillar population numbers in built-up areas.  The development of both the forest tent caterpillar and host trees and shrubs is being monitored to optimize treatment timing.  Due to factors that include weather and variability in the development of the caterpillars, the results cannot be guaranteed.


Information on Foray 48B and maps illustrating the spray areas are available to the general public at Park office and kiosks and on public bulletin boards

Spray notice signs will be posted for each spray area in advance of the anticipated spraying date.  

For further information, contact:

Murray Peterson or Jeff Gooliaff

KBM Resources Group                                                                 

130 – 1061 Central Ave.,                                                               

Prince Albert, SK                                                                             

Phone:  306 763-0065